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San Antonio, Texas is a robust marketplace and for many housing authorities, a market to watch quite closely. Finding the right agent for your clients is important. Allow me the opportunity to introduce myself, and share a little about me and my business.

I pride myself in taking care of y(our) clients

Your clients rely on you to find them a realtor in San Antonio they can trust as much as they do you. Whether buying or selling, I can assure you, your clients are in trusted hands when they work with me and my support team.


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Hey there, I'm MarkAnthony, and I've been navigating the San Antonio real estate scene for quite some time now - 2020 to be exact. Let me tell you, this city's real estate market is as lively and diverse as its neighborhoods. What sets me apart? Well, it's not just about knowing the ins and outs of the market; it's about really getting what each client needs, especially our veterans. I've got a special spot for them as I'm a 12 year Army Veteran myself as well as a VettedVA Agent.

Trust is key in what I do. I'm all about keeping things clear and straight with my clients. Whether they're looking to buy their dream home/investment or sell their current one, they know they've got someone they can count on. This trust isn't just for my clients; it's for you fellow realtors too. When you send clients my way, rest assured they're in good hands.

I'm here to listen, help, and make sure everything goes smoothly, without any hiccups. I'm all about collaboration, whether it's with clients, other realtors in my marketplace, or colleagues like you. In the fast-moving world of San Antonio real estate, I'm more than just a realtor; I'm a guide, a problem-solver, and a friend ready to help navigate this exciting market. So, let's team up and make some real estate magic happen!