7 Items Every Grown-Up Bedroom Needs

Home Design MarkAnthony Ball January 22, 2024

In your younger years, the decor of your living space was likely dictated by your parents' preferences, perhaps with minimal input from you during your teenage years. College dorm rooms came with guidelines and space constraints, leaving little room for personal design. Post-graduation, your focus shifted to establishing yourself in the working world rather than decorating a home. However, as life progresses, you find yourself all grown up, financially independent, and ready to decide the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Transforming your bedroom into a mature and sophisticated space doesn't necessarily require a hefty budget, adherence to the latest trends, or the purchase of an entire matching furniture set. The key to decorating is to let your personal preferences guide you, especially in the bedroom, which serves as your sanctuary from the challenges of daily life. Nonetheless, there are certain elements that elevate a sleeping space to a true primary bedroom. Here are seven essential items that every grown-up bedroom should include.

Nice Sheets

As a mature individual, you deserve the luxury of high-quality sheets that coordinate seamlessly, provide a soft touch against your skin, and remain free from stains and snags. If you find yourself still using an assortment of sheets that lack any semblance of cohesion, it's time to invest in new bedding. Your sheets should not only complement each other but also harmonize with the overall decor of your entire bedroom. They don't necessarily have to be exorbitantly priced or sold as a set, but the sheets in your primary bedroom should prioritize comfort and exhibit a cohesive aesthetic.

Quality Mattress

As you reach a certain stage in life, it's prudent to part ways with blowup beds, futons, and old mattresses that have lost their support. Adulthood, especially considering the well-being of your back and joints, necessitates a high-quality mattress that provides comprehensive support for your entire body. Investing in a new mattress can be the key to the distinction between a rejuvenating night's sleep and a day marred by fatigue and discomfort.

Bedside Table

Every bed should have a bedside table, and even better if you have the space, consider having two. It's not necessary for these tables to match; in fact, they don't even have to be traditional tables. There are numerous items that can be repurposed beautifully as nightstands. However, a mature bedroom typically includes some form of furnishing next to the bed. This piece not only visually grounds the mattress in the room but also provides a surface to hold a lamp, reading materials, glasses, a cup of tea, or a box of tissues. If the room layout allows and the bed is spacious enough, consider placing a table or a similar piece on each side of the bed.

Bedside Lamp

If the sole source of light in your bedroom is a small ceiling fixture, your room may not have reached the level of a truly mature space. Similar to the necessity of a bedside table in every bedroom, each bedside table should have its own bedside lamp, or alternatively, a lighting sconce mounted on the wall above it. Ideally, a smaller bedroom should feature at least two light sources, while a larger bedroom should incorporate a minimum of three light sources, with one of them positioned in close proximity to the bed.

Artwork on the Walls

If your bedroom walls appear bare and uninspiring, consider adding a touch of personal flair to make it uniquely yours. Enhance your walls with a sizable piece of artwork positioned above the headboard or dresser, complemented by a few smaller pieces to maintain visual balance. The artwork choices are diverse and can include paintings, prints, enlarged photographs, framed maps or botanical prints, quilts, architectural trim, or any other items that resonate with your personal style. Let your bedroom reflect your individual taste and personality.

Full-Length Mirror

Beyond its primary role as a place for sleep, your bedroom also serves as a dressing room, making a full-length mirror a crucial addition. Whether it's mounted on the back of your bedroom door, placed inside your closet, or affixed to your closet door, incorporating a full-length mirror into your primary bedroom allows you to view your entire outfit from head to toe, enhancing the functionality of your dressing space.

Real Furniture

While a grown-up bedroom doesn’t necessarily require a matched set of furniture, it should feature authentic pieces. This doesn't rule out the possibility of incorporating repurposed items; for instance, a trunk can serve as an excellent footboard, and a pair of old shutters can enhance the aesthetics at the head of the bed. However, items like unsightly plastic milk crates, makeshift bookcases from cinder blocks and boards, and clear plastic rolling 3-drawer organizers better suited for craft supplies and toys in a kids' room should find their place elsewhere. Treat yourself to real furniture that exudes a grown-up feel; you work hard and deserve it.

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