A 3-Step Decluttering Guide For Empty Nesters Looking To Downsize

Empty Nesters MarkAnthony Ball January 10, 2024

Deciding which items to part with can be a time-intensive process, given the emotional attachment or the belief that they may come in handy someday. Whether it's sentimental reasons or the potential future use of certain items, discussions with your spouse may span weeks before reaching an agreement on keeping or donating possessions like an old coffee table or favorite kitchen appliances. Therefore, it's advisable to begin the decluttering process early.

It's essential to recognize that decluttering your entire home doesn't have to happen in a single day. Commence with the simplest room to declutter, proceeding methodically through your house. To simplify this seemingly daunting task, here's a guide on how to approach the decluttering process.

When embarking on the decluttering journey, simplicity is key. Utilize a straightforward labeling system: Discard, Donate, or Sell. Anything outside of these categories falls into the "keep" section.

1. Discard: Remove items that no longer serve a purpose.

   Empty nesters often face difficulty parting with long-held possessions, even if these items no longer fulfill a function and only occupy valuable space. Downsizing requires efficient use of space, making it essential to discard items that are no longer useful.

2. Donate: Give away items that are no longer in use but could benefit others.

   Go through belongings, identifying spare clothes, kitchen supplies, and other usable items that have fallen out of use. As a general rule, if an item hasn't been used in over a year, it's likely not essential. If uncomfortable selling, consider giving these items to friends or relatives who might find value in them.

3. Sell: Part ways with items that can't be discarded or given away.

   Some items may hold significant value but might not fit into your new living space. Reevaluate the worth of these items, possibly seeking expert advice. Once a consensus on prices is reached, consider selling them online. The funds generated from these sales can be reinvested in more fitting replacements for your new home.

While coping with an empty nest can be emotional and stressful, eliminating unnecessary clutter is a positive step toward embracing the next phase of life. Letting go of old possessions creates space for new and improved things, fostering a more optimistic outlook on this transitional period.

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